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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn - Wednesday July 20, 2016 in Australia to balance sensitivity and discipline to climb the mountain of our goals!!!

We will be illuminated by the Full Moon in Capricorn helping us to get clear on our duties and responsibilities to work in a practical way... 

As I said in the 2016 Moon Calendar: "The Full Moon in Capricorn is the light of wisdom that is achieved by hard work, let go of attachments from the past to climb the mountain"!!! My original painting of the Full Moon in Capricorn from the Calendar was inspired by the iconic Uluru mountainous rock formation.

Time @ 8:56 am Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, VIC; Brisbane, QLD & Tassie. 
Time @ 8;26 am Adelaide, SA & Darwin, NT
Time @ 6:26 am Perth, WA

The polarity between the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn is happening, with the support of Mars in Scorpio, to both luminaries reminding us of the power to look inside finding courage to get things done balancing Home and Work... Both Luminaries (Sun and Moon) are challenged by Uranus in Aries asking us to wake up to being ourselves and just make a change… Doing something different with whatever we have been doing that is not having the success that we expect is the path for change!!!!

Jupiter (the planet ruler of Sagittarius) is in the efficient sign of Virgo supporting both Luminaries recalling the importance of diligence and routines to achieve our intentions planted last New Moon in Cancer on July 4th, 2016
Saturn the planet ruler of the sign of Capricorn is in harmony with Venus and Mercury in Leo giving discipline to our thoughts and giving commitment to our feelings to work with our goals. But also there is a message of working hard with our talents in order to give meaning to our lives… as Saturn is travelling in Sagittarius and Venus + Mercury are in Leo!!! 

This is the realistic Moon 
ruled by Saturn, 
the Lord of the time, 
strategic and 
but also associated
 with restriction and discipline. 

For these reasons the Moon in
 Capricorn has been unfairly called cold and unfeeling because the Moon represents emotions associated with Cancer the Land of the Moon. 
However, People with the Moon in Capricorn experience their emotions with great power and depth being worried about finding the right way to express emotions.

Celebrated examples with Moon in Capricorn are the Dalai Lama, George Washington, Lucille ball who have the pattern of discipline and therefore of being a great achiever!!!

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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