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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Astrology today July 25 & tomorrow July 26, 2016 Let's create beauty & not fight...

Flowers, 1964 © Andy Warhol
We start the week with leadership energies under the Moon in Aries forming harmony with planets in Leo!!! In the morning of July 25 Sun in Leo is smiling to Moon in Aries… Vitality to take the bull by the horns!!! The sky radiates confidence and self-motivation!!!

Today and tomorrow we have Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Leo + Moon and Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius… Oh la la!!! We have some energy there!!! But let’s try to channel them to initiate projects and create beauty (not fight like the whole world seems to be doing).  Also avoid burning ourselves out trying to do too many things at the same time scattering the energy in different directions: that is the shadow of the excess of fire…
Let’s follow the illustrator Andy Warhol (Aug 6, 1928 at 6:30 am in Pittsburgh (PA) USA) born with Sun, Venus, Mercury + Neptune in Leo and the Moon in Aries, who was not only an illustrator but also a painter, filmmaker and popular artist of his time.

“There is beauty in everything, just not everybody sees it” Andy Warhol

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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Christine’s Crystal & Angels & Cecilia – astrologer – StelliumLight are running a weekend of Sacred Sound and Astrology to open the window to consciousness. 

August 12-14, 2016 to be held at Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales, Australia

In the pragmatic world that we live in we still need to feed our souls. Work with Astrology, Meditation, Crystal Sound and Nature to look inside and strengthen your inner spirit. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK THIS LINK

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