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Thursday, 19 October 2017

New Moon in Libra - October 20, 2017 AEST - to start a New Beginnings in Relationships!!!

 Happy New Moon in Libra

"Ultimately, you just have one life. You never know unless you try. And you never get anywhere unless you ask".  Kate Winslet – The English actress Kate Winslet was born under the New Moon in Libra on October 5, 1975 UK.

Friday October 20, 2017, at 6:12 am, the Sun and Moon meet at 27 degrees from the harmonious sign of Libra, offering us the opportunity to plant our intentions and start a new Emotional cycle. Although the Sun is ending its transit through the sign of Libra by joining with the Moon to give us the New Moon of Libra today, we recharge energy to promote negotiation and cooperation in our relationships and balancing the way we relate with others.

The New Moon in Libra occurs in opposition of Uranus, the planet associated with the awakening of Human Consciousness, travelling the individualistic sign of Aries close to Earth (Retrograde)  reminding us that we should not only think of the other but also satisfy our personal needs. This opposition to 27 degrees Libra / Aries reminds me of the opposition we had in late September formed between Jupiter and Uranus ... It is incredible that the Universe send us a similar message that we have to balance the energy of the Aries sign: Independence and willpower and, Libra: cooperation to relate to the other person and achieve common goals.

Uranus is close to Earth (retrograde) and because Uranus is about awakening or out of the blue insight! And Jupiter is with Mercury in Scorpio, we can see deep inside of ourselves and then get an insight to create a radical change (Uranus) in the way we relate (New Moon) initiating  a more authentic way of telling the other what we feel by following
                                                                           our unique way of being.

The sign of Libra
is a sign categorized under the element of Air = Intellectual. 
By this I mean that it is important to connect or interact through dialogue. 
It's like sitting at the table with someone who has a face-to-face relationship with a contract 
and writing down the responsibilities and benefits
 in the clear to start something, 
whether personal or business. 
That is why Libra is the sign that 
is associated with relationships.

Venus is the ruling planet of this sign. Venus is in Libra! Her presence at her home where the Union of the Sun and Moon is taking place offers a beautiful energy that we can attract what we want and Venus is also forming a smooth harmony with Mercury in Scorpio (semi-sextile). For me we can go deeper with our thinking working with the Law of Attraction ... What a beautiful day we have today to create our visualization and plant our intentions to:

• Promote equity, cultivate the art of negotiation in our relationships searching not only for harmony but also to satisfy our own needs.
• Foster respect and tolerance in the pursuit of peace and happiness.
• Create beauty around us by providing harmony in our environment.

Blessings ©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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Have a lovely week!!!

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
Live by the Sun & Love by the Moon 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Full Moon in Aries illuminates Mars and Venus ’ Kiss to release what is not useful for us and craft our reality in relationships...

We are under the illumination of the Full Moon in the fiery sign of Aries inviting us to think of ourselves as individual beings. Its Full Light occurs at 5:40 am on October 6th, 2017 @ 13 degrees of the sign of Aires stimulating us to ask ourselves:

What do I really want for myself? Two weeks ago we planted our goals under the New Moon and now is the time for some of them. Always on a Full Moon we must release energy so that we can blossom our intentions… This time we need to release something related with the sign of Libra where the Sun is ... It's time to ask ourselves - How accommodating am I cutting off my OWN NEEDS to take action putting myself before anything or anyone to achieve what I really want?

It is time to balance the Aries-Libra Axis to feel good about ourselves in harmony with people we relate with. The Sign of Aries is ruled by Mars and the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus. MARS & VENUS finally kiss each other.  

Mars and Venus meet @ 19 deg Virgo -Oct 6 @ 3:23 am – just a couple of hours before the Full Moon.

MARS represents the physical action of going to get what we want, and VENUS represents the desire, the feeling towards what we want.  The union between the Zodiac Lovers in the sign of Virgo gives us the ability to be realistic and use our tools to improve in order to reach our goals. Here is the writer and educator Parker J. Palmer with his motivational phrase that I used in my 2017 Moon Calendar to connect with the Full Moon:
"Caring for oneself is never a selfish act; it is simply a good administration of the only gift I have, the gift that has been given me on earth to offer to others."

Pluto, the planet associated with transformation to overcome fear is challenging both luminaries (Sun and Moon) but supporting the eternal lovers (Mars and Venus). The friction generated by the  T-square in our sky formed by the luminaries in an angle of tension with Pluto invites us to make decisions to eliminate from our lives shadows or what is not useful in our lives .. Mars and Venus together and supported by Pluto invites us to use the logic carving our realities working with what it is useful to us.

Patience is the key to success with this new task that the Universe brings to us . Why?

The union of Mars and Venus is challenged by Saturn the planet associated with the consolidation of our objectives. Saturn in Sagittarius gives us the wisdom of fire from the embers to be able to see clearly how to channel our energies to be more efficient in our process to improve ourselves and our relationships.   Mercury in Libra reminds us how important communication is to negotiate our rights diplomatically without compromising the rights of those around us.

All this energy is just happening when Jupiter, the goddess of all goddesses from mythology, is ending its journey through this harmonious sign of Libra and it is opposing to Rebel-Uranus that is in Aries creating a strong tension for us to balance the energies of our relationship and our individuality… as the Sun and Moon are asking us the same during the October’s Full Moon  
We must keep positive in whatever we strive for at the moment keeping our confidence up to keep the fight for our cause! Blessings on Full Moon to everyone! Cecilia Live by the Sun and Love by the Moon ☀🌙 If you would like a personalised Astrology guidance please visit 

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