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Monday, 27 March 2017


New Moon in AriesToday March 28, 2017 @ 1:57PM - A BLAZING NEW MOON with NEW VENUS!!! Both Moon and Venus are Close to us align with the SUN bringing a PERFECT TIME to CREATE OUR VISUALISATION - our New Moon Board - creating a new beginning to take action to love ourselves more!!! Valuing our wants (Moon) and our feelings (Venus) to shine the way we are (Sun).

Mars (the boss of this New Moon @ 8 degrees of Aries) is in Taurus flowing with Neptune in Pisces… inviting us to clean the windows OF HOW WE SEE THE WORLD and INTUITIVELY TAKE A NEW DIRECTION following OUR HEART.  Patience & Compassion are required to work with this spiritual support to make a firm change working our dreams and ideals make them happen.

Mercury (our mind) and Uranus (the awakener) are together in Aries!!! Powerful energy to awaken our unconscious mind… RESET our thoughts breaking up an old pattern of thinking being positive to move forward!!!
Plant intentions associated with the energy of Aries:
  •   Raise self-esteem & confidence. How? For example RELEASE THE TEMPTATION TO COMPARE YOURSELF. Cancel any negative thought or attack to your esteem distract your mind with a positive affirmation boosting a quality OR talent you have.
  •      BOOST leadership INITIATING a project!!! For example, I want to start writing The Moon Calendar for 2018!!! 
  • to inspire myself and Moon Lovers!!!
  • For example: I want to listen more carefully and maintain feedback with people positively. + I want to find time to walk in nature to feel inspired relaxing my 
  • mind, body and spirit.
  • ·         The area of our birth chart at 8 degrees of Aries where the Sun and Moon are joined indicates where we should focus our attention. Personally, for example in my birth chart the New Moon at 8 degrees of Aries falls in the area of communication, curiosity, learning, relationships with siblings, short trips and daily interactions, so I will include intentions to awaken my curiosity and be alert to my surroundings and write expressing my thoughts in a positive way to inspire others.

REMEMBER THIS New Moon within a stellium of Planets in Aries + Saturn in Sagittarius!!! Connects us with the FIRE element!! Motivation, creativity, spark and dynamic energy.  Radiates optimism / spontaneity. Allows freedom of movement in mind & Body..

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be grateful for what you have received up to now and then say thank you to the Universe for its unconditional support and Place it where you can see it every day to work with your intentions all month!!! 
Have a beautiful Happy New Moon in Aries!!! 

Note: Time is given for NSW, VIC and Tassie. SA (- ½ an hour); QLD (-1 hour) NT (-1 ½ hour and WA (-3hours). And the Moon and the Sun are tight together within 8 hours after 1:59 pm offering the best time for us to garden our intentions (so, between 2pm and 10pm)!!!

Blessings on New Moon © Cecilia Lugo- Anderson
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Monday, 20 March 2017

Astrology Week March 20 - 26, 2017 Sun in Aries - Last Quarter Moon Phase in Capricorn & Sun Conjunct Venus in Retrograde!

The Sun moved to Aries and in a few hours the Moon changed to Capricorn illuminating us with the Last Quarter Moon Phase. The Luminaries (Sun & Moon) challenged each other for us to reflect as there is only 1 week left for the Aries New Moon when a new cycle of the Moon will start - March 28, 2017
This Moon in Capricorn is a mature energy and carries serious energy with patience that has learnt through experience…

The Sun in Aries is a young energy, a self-starter with a fast pace and little patience…

But both signs know to make changes (cardinal energy) and if we plan this morning for the next 2 days (I mean until Thursday March 23 at 1:29 pm) what must be done to achieve some of our intentions that haven’t blossomed yet… they have a good chance to be achieved if we first plan and then take action!

This afternoon at 5:31pm the Moon challenges Venus in Aries close to earth (retrograde)… We may need to stand up for something we value. And one hour later the Moon gets the support from Mars in Taurus… Remember:

“Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. – Aristotle.

Happy Equinox!!! 🍁🍂
The Astrological Calendar starts tonight March 20 @ 9:20 pm with the entry of the Sun into Aries marking the Autumnal Equinox for us in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring for the Northern. The Sun initiates its travel through Aries under the Union of the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius... 
Time for Self-improvement through strong 
sense of self by perseverance
and working with our objectives.

In our Australian Land the nights will start to be longer and the leaves change colour becoming golden before they start to fall and cover our path with a soft carpet of leaves… 

This year Venus is close to Earth… and the Sun will meet Venus Retrograde on Saturday 25, 2017 offering to us time to Love ourselves. POWERFUL ENERGY TO WORK WITH “I AM”. 

✔️Have you make the list of things you like? well it is the time to DO IT to reconnect with OURSELVES. Now with the Sun entering the sign of Aries it is crucial to ask ourselves:

✔️Am I happy How much Stress Vs Pleasure… I love to have time in the morning to see the sunrise…That is a pleasure for me. I need to start to make adjustments in my life to have more pleasures? I DO. 
✔️How are my Relationships❓
Close friends, partner and people close to me that I have a one to one relationship with. REVIEW is what we need to make adjustments in order to get happier with our lives.
✔️Let’s say we have no choice but to stay in a stressful job, then we must develop a strong belief in ourselves and our abilities!!! and rewarding myself!!!
✔️How is my attitude to money? Where I can make some savings to plan my holiday? How is my expenditure? With the change of Season we always need to update our clothes… before we buy any new clothes we need to check our wardrobe… 

Happy Birthday to people born with the Sun in Aries!!! If your birthday is before April 15th: This is a year when you need more time to concentrate on your inner self.

You may no longer enjoy social events like other times because any time alone can be extremely useful and bring extraordinary happiness. ☀️♈️What are your favourite Aries people? Maya Angelou, Johann Sebastian Bach, Vincent Van Gogh, Elton John, Kate Hudson, Eddy Murphy… and good friends born with the Sun in Aries have inspired my life with their courage & assertiveness!!!

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Monday, 13 March 2017

Mercury in Aries - March 14 - 31, 2017 Our minds collectively turn enthusiastic to promote new ideas!!!

Mercury, the fastest planet in the enthusiastic sign of Aries to promote new ideas!!! TODAY at 8:08 am Mercury, the planet associated with our rational mind and communication, plucks our minds to be agile, to make quick decisions being clear “to the point” with our communication until March 31st, 2017.

Here are my tips to get advantage with the fastest messenger from Ancient Myths keeping motivation, inspiration and loving our colourful ideas:

  • Break down our tasks in short periods alternating variety so we don’t get bored.
  • Nail the complex or difficult tasks in the Morning when our minds are alert!
  • It is common under Mercury in Aries to find ourselves “thinking while doing”. So we need to record our thought when we are driving or walking as we may jump from one idea to another… So keep a post-it-note in the dash on our car with a little pencil or in our pocket when we are walking to write our fantastic ideas. Be clear. Use bullet points.
  • Fee our mind with relaxing music and practice yoga, walk in the evening and run in the morning to bring peace to our mind
  • Train our brain talking to ourselves when we need to wait… So we are a good hero with good manners – just like The Flash.
Enjoy the rest of the month!!! Have a great day!

© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Venus in Aries stops at 13 degrees Aries - Aries Retrograde March 4 – April 15, 2017 time to Re-Evaluate values...

The Moon has changed to Taurus – one of the lands ruled by Venus. Here the Moon is happy and comfortable offering us a more stable mood to tune in with the rhythms of nature… Under these energies Venus will station retrograde 13 degrees Aries 8 mins. Tomorrow Saturday March 4, 2017 Venus starts its Retrograde period until April 15 when Venus stations direct 26 degrees Pisces 54 mins. It is a period of reevaluation of our personal values getting in contact with our heart. It is time to check on the way we like to give and receive love & beauty and hold relationships!!!

Wherever Venus retrogrades in your chart brings a message + your Venus also tells you a lot of what you enjoy in life! We have ahead 6 weeks to reconnect with things we like, our pleasures, and things we value… Just as we do with Mercury in Retrograde, with Venus in Retrograde we should have a diary to write down what re-emerges in our lives… write down our worries us as well as our desires…
a good time to call and see old friends, check your wardrobe, visit art galleries, all the Venusian things that bring pleasure to our life! Have an icecream…

If you live in Sydney and you would like to know more about Venus and its retrograde period in Aries and few days in Pisces. On March 25, 2017 Venus disappears from our sky to get transformed and the reappears as Venus Morning Star. Join me to travel with Venus “Highlighting Self-worth with Venus and Mercury”, 4 hours of learning in a cosy group 
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Have a lovely weekend!
© Cecilia Lugo-Anderson