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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Astrology weekend November 13-15, 2015: A positive weekend to share & have faith in our Relationships! Astrology Week November 16-20, 2015: promises to be a very productive week with the Sun & Mercury at the same degrees of Scorpio and Moon in Capricorn + Saturn and Mars in harmony.

The Moon in Sagittarius from Friday November 13 until 11:20 am Sunday November 15, 2015, encourages us to explore and expand our knowledge ... especially we may want to give meaning to our emotions seeking the truth.

On Friday November 13, 2015, Mars begins its journey through the diplomatic sign of Libra and with Venus in the same sign invites us to enjoy doing things in company. We must take the feelings of those we love seriously as Saturn and Venus harmonise plus with the Moon in Sagittarius puts faith in what we believe seriously.
Mars & Saturn begin to make a harmonious angle in our sky! But it requires effort: Mars is the energy that moves us to seek what we want and in Libra generates desire for cooperation. Saturn in Sagittarius shows us the possibilities of obtaining and consolidating our vision of what we are seeking. The positive result is when one wins we all win! It will last about 2 weeks; bring it on!!!

In the early hours of Tuesday November 17, 2015, Mercury reaches the Sun at 23 degrees of Scorpio under the strategic Moon of Capricorn giving us the tools to solve any puzzle or enigma ... This energy also affects us collectively in that that we may prefer to communicate secretively...

The Moon in Capricorn begins on Sunday from 11:21 am - That's my Moon!!! Did you know that the Moon returns to the same degree as when we were born once a month? How does it benefit us?

• The Analysis of the monthly Lunar Return gives us the information associated with the emotional mood of the month and what we are going to be focusing on in relation with our emotions
• When the Moon is passing over our Moon Sign (sign where the Moon was the day, time and place of our birth) It is the DAY TO NOURISH OUR EMOTIONS! We should do something that we really enjoyed and make us happy!!!
Moon Calendar 2016 includes stickers to mark this day monthly as well as stickers with different emotional reactions to mark your best days, and those when you may need to cultivate tolerance or self-control. 

Besides this wonderful opportunity to personalise your Calendar, the

2016 Moon Calendar includes:
  • ·    Day and time the Sun and Moon shifts signs tailored for times in Australia!!! You don’t need to add a day or make adjustments for another part of the world…
  • ·  Positive guidance to plant your intentions monthly under the New Moon in each sign of the Zodiac in 2016.

·         Be inspired by 13 original artworks of the radiant Moon seen through the Zodiac in our beautiful sky (includes January 2017).
·         Each Full Moon is accompanied by an insightful message for your intentions to blossom. It is only $30 AUD (including the postage within Australia only).

Click this link to purchase your copy
For more information please click this link to watch the 2016 Moon Calendar video

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