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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Full Moon in Sagittarius + Jupiter joins the North Node of the Moon. Happy Winter Solstice with the Sun travelling through Cancer and Uranus meets Ceres the goddess of Fertility making a soft aspect to Mars!!!! Astrology week June 20 - 26, 2016 brings an opportunity to open our consciousness and use Social Media as a tool for learning and growth for all!

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 20, 2016 gives us Illumination that comes from mixing with others, letting go the need for over collecting data & instead seeking meaning for the information we receive!

Mercury (the planet associated with thinking and communicating) is the planet ruler of Gemini where the Sun is during the Full Moon
Mercury now in its home “Gemini” reactivates the Mutual Cross of planets (Mercury Gemini) challenging Jupiter – ruler planet of Sagittarius where the Full Moon occurs. They activate the Cross of planets in Mutual signs:

• On one hand, we need to have wisdom to manage information but also the discipline to focus on the info that really matters and helps us to find our truth. (Mercury in Gemini Vs Saturn in Sagittarius).
• On the other, we need to develop the ability to analyse with intuition to get order and clarity to improve our lives holistically (Jupiter in Virgo Vs Neptune in Pisces).

This challenge is increasing the need to concentrate on the information that really helps us to grow our knowledge to offer a good service to our society.

When I was painting the picture for the Moon Calendar (original artwork below) I was feeling the urgency of the 29 degrees - exact degree that the Sun in Gemini & the Moon in Sagittarius will oppose tonight. It is the second Moon in Sagittarius during 2016… That does not happen often and when it happens it comes with a strong message to open our consciousness to balance the learning & understanding the objectivity & the subjectivity… Perceptions & interpretations… live the moment & have a vision to the future… 

Happy Winter Solstice!!! – With the change of the Sun to the sign of Cancer this morning @ 8:35 am Easter standard time Australia the Sun  its transit through the emotional sign of Cancer, one of the four cardinal signs known to be associated with seasonal changes. Under the energy of the Sun in Cancer we begin to give more importance to our loved ones, our home, our customs and traditions.

The sign of Cancer symbolizes family and is represented by the crab that is associated with protection, caution, sensitivity and tenderness inside. Its ruler is the Moon that influences our emotions and feelings. 

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and its terrain is related to the home, motherhood and the Motherland. Its element is water, whose function is to dissolve the boundaries that allow binding. The key word is: I FEEL associated with emotion and perception. Affection, joy, pity and sadness.

People born under the sign of Cancer are connected with the sensitivity and emotional needs of people you love. They like to be needy and caring for others and caring for the safety of those you love. They mostly enjoy your life around your home; like to cook and collect. But They ultimate goal is to provide your family emotional and financial security.

Their greatest strengths are kindness, consideration and tenderness but they must control their vulnerability, fear and tendency to retreat into their shell holding memories from the past.

Uranus - Ceres union on June 21, 2016 under the Solstice of Winter in Australia. 

Ceres is the largest Asteroid in the Asteroid belt and the fertility goddess in Mythology. In Astrology Ceres represents the self-examination of where we need love… 

Uranus is the independence of thinking relating with our uniqueness… Together Uranus - Aries talk about fertility of ideas… about radical decisions in order to care for our own ideas due to the aspect they make to Mars in Scorpio close to earth.

Photo Source ylios
Jupiter – North Node of Moon!!! Jupiter joins North Mode of the Moon in Virgo on Wednesday June 22, 2016 bringing spiritual insights to open our consciousness and be more truthful and to be a little bit better in society… Jupiter the planet associated with prosperity in the harvest sign of Virgo in contact with the North Node of the Moon ( information about our future) opens a chance to take the risk to improve with  the Universal beauty... In my opinion, If Media has become the modern way to get knowledge then Let’s give a mindful use to the powerful tool of media…not just watch fun videos.

All these planetary energies this week for me are pointing to better use of Social Media.  Just like in the olden days when we wanted to learn and went to the library and opened a book for higher knowledge to flow.
On Sunday June 26th Jupiter gives golden beams to Pluto for us to realise the importance of respecting other people’s points of view which is the law of society.  This is a nice harmony to overcome obstacles and each of us has the chance to have input…every grain of sand counts.

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