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Monday, 13 June 2016

Astrology week June 12 – 21, 2016. Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Cancer, Neptune Retrograde, and Full Moon in Sagittarius + Winter Solstice in Southern Hemisphere we have an opportunity to write our own story…

The week starts with a nice breeze from the Sky – there is a movement of planets to Air signs on Monday June 13, The Moon changes to Libra until Wednesday Jun 15, 2016 at 11:18 pm and Mercury arrives to one of its homes “Gemini”.  Plus the goddess of love –Venus- smiles towards the planet of freedom – Uranus… It’s like the planets are playing pool in the sky which influences us with a need for freedom to share ideas and have fun finding acceptance with people we feel we belong to…

Mercury in Gemini from June 13 - 30, 2016 communication is highlighted and the door to quench our curiosity through conversation is opened with the ability to do and think at the same time.

All planets have retrograde periods with the exception of the Sun and the Moon. Neptune (planet associated with spirituality, dreams and fantasy) starts its retrograde period Jun 14, 2016 and it will continue under this motion until 20 November 2016. During the month of June and July 2016 Neptune in Pisces in Retrograde forms a tight challenge Saturn in Sagittarius also is in retrograde motion, testing our dreams forcing us to integrate reality (Saturn) and our dreams (Neptune).

For me it is also about finding a common point between hope and beliefs (Sagittarius) and faith and intuition (Pisces).

To integrate these energies explore some different areas and re-investigate, re-evaluate and reflect before you ditch any ideas… dream… or fantasy…

Venus in Cancer on Saturday June 18, 2016. Venus in this emotional sign encourages us to want to be around those who share our tradition and give value to the experiences that revive our memories.

Before the Solstice arrives – Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and Summer in the Northern – we will have the second Full Moon in Sagittarius @ 9:20pm NSW VIC QLD & Tassie Local  time. Please note that SA & NT (-) 1/2 hour and WA (-) 2 hours. 

Having two Full Moons in Sagittarius in 2016 the year is tinted with a need for developing our knowledge to be clear that our beliefs represent our reality we are living… Sun in Gemini represents the objectivity to gather the information and the Moon in Sagittarius highlights the subjective interpretation we give to the information…

But this second Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs at the anaretic 29 degree that is associated with decision-making but also represents the urge for finding the highest potential… and Sagittarius is related with crossing the horizon seeking meaning to give to us ideas…

Sun in Cancer on Tuesday June 21, 2016at 8:35am after the Full Moon  - the Winter Solstice 2016 begins suggesting we turn our attention to family and home. Have a nice week

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