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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mercury in Taurus Retrograde - April 29 – May 22, 2016

The Moon changes to earthy Capricorn this morning at 9:54am where it will remain until Friday April 29, 2016 when Mercury in earthy Taurus changes motion for us to review our thoughts.

The universe is timely with its rhythms. With the Moon in Capricorn our emotions feel grounded to work with practical decisions. Mercury in Taurus is slowing down close to earth and starts a retrograde period for us to think firmly in our thoughts.  And Venus the ruler of Taurus also enters in Taurus the day after April 30th 2016…. TAURUS is associated with resources and self-worth and the way we use our talents to make money… The area were Mercury will travel during this period in our birth chart is where we need to focus to work patiently to evaluate how to create abundance in our life.

Sun, Mercury and Venus will be in Taurus suggesting… It is a good time to be appreciative of what we have and check-up our values, and our talents to be able to channel our ideas and create what we want. It is a good time to get good nights of sleep, enjoy the beauty around and take a yoga or meditation class to tune with the rhythm of the Universe.

The Moon also invites us to close April cycle - Last Quarter Phase in Aquarius on Friday April 30th @1:28pm for us to reflect on the intentions we have not achieved and review the whole process preparing us for the New Cycle next week on May 7, 2016 – New Moon in Taurus.

With the change of Mercury to retrograde motion we are having 5 planets in retrograde motion (Close to Earth) until May 9, 2016 when Jupiter goes direct. THE UNIVERSE IS ASKING US TO REFLECT…

Saturn in Sagittarius started its 4-month retrograde period on March 25 until August 13, 2016. It is giving a time for us to 'check-up' on what we have done up to now; to check the bases of our objectives in life just as a business will check its business plan!!! Self-discipline is the key to achieve!
Jupiter Retrogrades in Virgo Jan 8 - May 9, 2016 inviting us to organise our routines and release something that is impractical & takes our time impeding us from doing “what we have to do” to improve our lives… that is take care of our health – body, emotions & soul.
Mars retrogrades in Sagittarius from April 17 until June 30, 2016 to check our actions, asking ourselves where we want to go and re-enters Scorpio at the end of May for us to find answers in the deepest inner self to re-start 'clear' in what we want in July 2016!
Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn on April 18 – September 27, 2016 for us to rebuild our bases and bring to light any weak foundation letting go of that which is not useful any more.
Mercury retrogrades in Taurus on April 29 – May 22, 2016 for us to take time and organise our thoughts… My tips to work with Mercury in Retrograde are in the picture.
© 2016 Cecilia Lugo-Anderson


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Note: Retrograde  = is an astrological term used to explain the illusory phenomenon, where a planet appears to move backwards or rotate reverse relative to how the Earth is moving in our Universe. Astrology explains the event as an opportunity to review and adjust according to the energy the planet generates.

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