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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Moon in Aries - April 7, 2016 at 9:23 pm in Sydney, Australia. Astrology Week 5 to 10 April 2016: Venus changes to the fiery sign of Aries under the harmony of Sun in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius + Mercury in Taurus!!!

This week we are under the harmony between the Sun in Aries with Saturn in Sagittarius prompting us to give our best to achieve our goals. Motivation, ambition, determination and self-discipline combine to have success! 

Saturn in Sagittarius is in retrograde ... Rugged, with a high level of perseverance but generating feelings of doubt, all influence us to ask ourselves questions in order to improve ...

In the early hours of Wednesday April 6, 2016, under the harmony of the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, Venus changes to the fiery sign of Aries. Venus in Aries is straightforward to express its wishes ... 

It has energy and enthusiasm, has independence, knows to take the initiative in relationships and falls in love at first sight ...

Le Penseur in the Garden
Rodin Museum, Philadelphia
Mercury also changes sign this Wednesday (April 6, 2016) but to the patient sign of Taurus ... How wise is our universe, so that even when our desires are impulsive our mind has focus to digest them... Mercury in Taurus is persistent, knows how to work with its talents and has the ability to work a lot. Its weakness is it can be difficult to make it change its mind once it is made up.

NEW MOON IN ARIES - Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 9:23 pm, the Sun and Moon are joined at 18 degrees of the pioneering Aries, inviting us to create our visualisation to set goals and go in search what we want.

New Moon at 18 degrees of Aries, occurs only 2 degrees away from the planet Uranus, indicating the need to break with old patterns in order to advance and start something new. Throw out what does not serve us to grow (The New Moon challenges Pluto in Capricornand the New Moon is supported by Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius that is about disciplining ourselves to be checking our progress regularly. Plus Mars, the planet ruler of Aries and therefore the ruler of the New Moon is in Sagittarius inviting us to take risks to make a new beginning in the area of your birth chart where this New Moon occurs!!!

Create your vision writing statements in coloured markers that reflect what you want to change to start something new in your life.

• First identify what you want.
• Be specific writing what you want.
• Visualise placing images that represent your words.

The New Moon in Aries is an energy to channel personal goals and raise our esteem and confidence in ourselves. The area of our birth chart at 18 degrees of Aries where the Sun and Moon are joined indicates where we should focus our attention.

On Wednesday April 6, 2016 from 4:45 pm until Friday, April 8, 2016 at 4:10 pm we have a fiery sky ... 6 planets including the Moon in fire signs fill us with motivation and enthusiasm, but also impulsivity and impatience ... 
We must BE CAREFUL with our words!

On the afternoon of Friday April 8, 2016 the Moon changes to the serene sign of Taurus from 4:10 pm when it will join Mercury (planet associated with thinking and communication) which is just beginning its journey through the stable sign of Taurus helping us to cultivate patience to take firm steps that benefit us.

Something good for this weekend will be a massage with Rose oils with the Moon in Taurus that will not only relax our body but also our mind.

On Sunday April 10th, 2016 the Sun & the awakener planet Uranus have their annual meeting! 

We need to pay attention to signals (dreams, repeating patterns, something that brings memories to the surface such as an old song… etc) that will reveal a clue to create something new.

To get the benefit of this magnetic union is TO DO SOMETHING THAT KEEPS YOUR FIRE BURNING!!!
  Have a great weekend awakening your senses

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Cecilia Lugo-Anderson is a consulting astrologer, writer and artist inspired by the Zodiac.  The constant change of the Moon has been the inspiration for the 2016 Moon Calendar, written by Cecilia and including her original artwork, designed for you to plan your days and get in tune with the influence of the Moon on your emotions.

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