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Monday, 7 March 2016

Total Solar Eclipse March 2016 – New Moon @ 19 degrees of Pisces @12:54pm in Sydney, Australia. It is a time to close a chapter in our lives and open our soul to start fresh with faith incorporating rituals to feed our inner world!

We start a new Lunar Cycle with a SuperMoon! A Total Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Pisces.

Sign Pisces – Water element. Water eclipses are emotionally motivated. Pisces in particular relates with the seas and rivers; eg. recent Earthquake and Tsunami warning in Indonesia last week; Spiritual Mentors; Addictions; Imagination & …

Pisces is ruled by Neptune in Modern astrology. In this eclipse Neptune is close to Mercury (Planet associated with process of thinking) both planets are in Pisces  stimulating our intuition, creative mind and the power of healing…

In traditional Astrology Jupiter is the planet ruler of Pisces. During the eclipse Jupiter is next to the North Node of the Moon in Virgo . Both are Awakening Inner Awareness to do things better for our future.

The South Node is with the Luminaries. It is associated with experiences from the past. Something is ready to be completed or taken to a next level. Please note that the Nodes of the Moon in Astrology are associated Karma and information about our evolution.

Pluto the planet of transformation is harmonising with the Luminaries and with Jupiter offering us the opportunity to face our fears to improve ourselves.
Saturn in Sagittarius challenges the Luminaries suggesting the need to put structure in our dreams to be able to materialise them.

For me the darkness formed when the Moon covers the Sun's disk during their union (New Moon), close to the South Node of the Moon awakens our intuition to connect to our dreams and ideals to open our soul. It enhances our sensitivity to realise the need to nurture our spirit and be more compassionate with ourselves and others… 

Note: These are the collective energies of the eclipse. Each of us has a unique Natal Birth Chart and the effect of the eclipse will be related with the area where we have the polarity of Pisces and Virgo @+/- 19 degrees and if the Luminaries are making aspects to a natal planet.

We all should listening music, meditate or practice Yoga close to water or do a creative activity on that day that help us to connect to our intuition to balance our emotions, mind and Soul! 

Blessings on this Super New Moon

Note: I will be on that day giving a free talk about the Moon in relations with our emotions at Leichhardt library with the opportunity to purchase your 2016MoonCalendar at Special Price for the event!!!
If you cannot attend the event I have some 2016Mooncalendar’s left that I can personalise for you; Please send me an email to order your copy. Blessings under the Super New Moon in Pisces this week!!! 

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