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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Astrology Weekend March 25 – 28, 2016 Easter break 2016: Saturn Retrograde Motion challenging the opposition between Jupiter-Venus & Moon Libra + Moon in Scorpio…

On Friday March 25 2016 we will keep enjoying the energy of the Full Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries. Venus is still in contact with Neptune in Pisces emanating sensitivity, inspiration and imagination… 

Johann Sebastian Bach (March 21, 1685, Germany) was born with these energies but also his natal Mercury was in Pisces… you might have heard his gorgeous baroque music. But also he was a mystical, dedicated musician for the church… Religious music was at the centre of Bach’s output for much of his life….… and we can appreciate his religious thoughts in this quote “When God is involved anything can happen. Just trust him, for he has a beautiful way of bringing good music out of broken chords”

Personally I like his quote about love: “Old concept: Love is blind. Marriage is an eye opener. New concept: Love is not blind- it simply enables one to see things others fail to see.”

On Friday Night March 25, 2016 around 9:00 pm watch out!!! Venus in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo at the same time Saturn challenging both starts its 4 months retrograde period.

Venus-Jupiter aspect is a nice romantic energy but because Saturn retrogrades in Sagittarius we might be questioning ourselves in a process of maturing… The best way to deal with this complex energy in our sky is to work positively and realistically with our relationships…

However, Saturn is going to be retrograde for 4 months – until August 13, 2016. It is giving a time for us to check up what we have done up to now; to check the bases of our objectives in life just as a business will check its business plan!!! Auto-discipline is a key to achieve! And also we must get rid of anything that is not helping us to give meaning to our lives.

On Saturday March 26, 2016 the Moon changes to Scorpio at 5:08 am adding intensity to our emotions… for good or for bad, it will add tenacity to focus on a goal…My recommendation is to commit with our deep feelings to find solutions that are beneficial for everyone involved.

We must remember that Venus is in Pisces sending a message of unconditional love!!! We always can have the decision... Happy Easter everyone!

Raise your energy and turn up the heat = Sun in Aries harmonises with Mars in Sagittarius!!! 

We can do anything we aim to do!!!! 

And with the Moon in Scorpio in harmony with Neptune in Pisces on Sunday morning March 27, 2016 we only need to dream from the depth of our beings to direct our actions. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!!!

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