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Monday, 11 January 2016

Astrology Week: January 12 to 17, 2016. Our Universe brings us support but we need to be alert to see the opportunities!!! Plus we have a weekend 15-17 January to choose between creating emotional storms or creating original ideas...

We have energies to get nice surprises on Wednesday January 13th, 2016 with the friendly relationship between Venus & Uranus in our sky. Also, the Moon starts its magic trip through the sign of Pisces at 10:53 am. and meets Neptune in the evening making a perfect time to enjoy a romantic date...

Also, this week the Sun in Capricorn is with Mercury in Retrograde * and both are forming a harmonious angle with Jupiter (also in retrograde motion) transiting the sign of Virgo, the sign associated with Mercury (Natural Regent)

What does this mean? Sun in Capricorn is energy that influences us to work with discipline to shine. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn invites us to review our strategies to achieve our objectives and Jupiter retrograde provides opportunities in a way we hadn’t planned and due to Jupiter being in Virgo, it might be related with our skills  

Let me explain it with an example; let’s say you are applying to find a job. The opportunity comes along in a way you did not expect ... one in which you really don’t have enough experience or skills. Now you will have to discipline yourself to update a skill to perform the role efficiently.

The meeting of the Sun in Capricorn with Mercury in retrograde this week may generate misunderstandings that suggests we work with them in a humorous way ... and we must organise our mind too. How? 

01.-Wake up early 
02.-Write down every thought you have when you wake up. 
03.-Have a handy notepad to write your ideas as they come to mind during the day.
04.-Keep a diary where you write every night the highlights of the day.

If you live in Sydney, Australia come along to “The Retro Message from Mercury in 2016” workshop - A Workshop about Mercury in Retrograde Periods in 2016, how to handle it plus what does it mean for you personally! 

Send an email to Christine if you would like more information & secure your spot: 
When: January 17th2016 Time 2 PM - 4 PM. 
Where: Shop 4 /35 Monaro St, Seven Hills, New South Wales 2147 Australia
Facilitator: myself, Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

On Friday Morning - January 15, 2016 – our vision can be clouded involving our emotions ... Moon in Pisces inspires our sensitivity by filling our mind with acceptance ... There is an element of sacrifice in the energy of the sign of Pisces… that reminds me of the Pema Chodron quote: "Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves."

The moon changes to the direct sign of Aries on Friday January 15, 2016, at 1:48 pm, influencing us to initiate change and because Mercury influences us to go slower... we may feel frustrated when things don’t go with the speed we would like…  

Next day, January 16, 2016 - when the Moon and Uranus meet in Aries, we can create emotional storms ... 

A good tip is counting up to 10 & go for a walk, jog or swim to calm your emotions. 

On Sunday when the moon projects half of the Sun’s light (First Quarter Moon Phase) under the motivator sign of Aries. The challenge between the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) requires integration; it means the two energies need to work together. We can sparks and have great ideas to incorporate to our plans and strategies  if we can keep the patience and discipline that requires any process of completing tasks. 

Have a good weekend

Moon Calendar Review “This fascinating Moon Calendar takes a novel and participatory approach to astrological education” – Peter Burns, The Federation of Australian Astrologers FAA Journal, December 2015

What a surprise I received this morning January 13, 2016!  They’re saying that about my calendar!  

The #2016MoonCalendar was reviewed in the December edition of the FAA Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers.  I will be selling the 2016 Moon Calendar at the 21st FAA International Astrology Conference in Sydney this month at Conference Price $25. Hope to see you there.

If you cannot attend the conference you can purchase it on line

It’s no wonder this review arrived today… We have energies to get nice surprises on Wednesday January 13th, 2016 with the friendly relationship between Venus & Uranus in our sky. Have a magic day!

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