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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Virgo - September 13, 2015 at 4:41pm time in Sydney - Australia

The moon is in balsamic phase inviting us to reflect on the emotional cycle that is closing this weekend. The moon changes to the analytical sign of Virgo at midnight tomorrow Friday September 11, 2015 at 23:56 pm Sydney – Australia. It will help us in our process of reflection. On Sunday, we have a new beginning that gives us the opportunity to create change in our routines under the Eclipse on New Moon at 20 degrees of the sign of Virgo on September 13, 2015 at 16:41 time Sydney – Australia.

When I created this beautiful artwork which accompanies the writing for this eclipse for the New Moon Calendar 2015, I had a vision of a crafted weaving basket made out of an ear of corn that represents the harvest of this beautiful month. On the basket there are beautiful chamomile flowers that serve to calm our minds from so much analysis generated by the energy of the Sun & Moon in Virgo… This perfection is coming out of the eclipse. And that is what the eclipse is on this Sunday.

We all should create our visions on Sunday after 4:41 pm focusing on how to improve our routines integrating our work and our spiritual life. Virgo energy also talks about training others or receiving training from people who have more experience than us in any skill… seeking to improve our daily lives.

But above all it is powerful determination energy to break bad habits and release the need to be perfect. We are all humans; therefore we need to forgive our imperfections and doing that we open the door to accept others around us.

You may are asking yourself how do I break a bad habit? Briefly but clearly: First, identify the real origin of the bad habit and its association with activities… to be able to replace it with a positive habit. Then get away from situations that increase the need for the bad habit and create new ones that are associated with the new goal or positive habit that can benefit you. Finally reinforce your good behaviour with something that gives you happiness.

The sun and moon are united at 20 degrees of the sign of Virgo and, Mercury which is the ruling planet of this diligent sign, it is currently travelling through the sign of Libra challenging Pluto in Capricorn, indicating the importance of not being obsessed with our thoughts and rather open our minds to different points of view – which is the message the opposition between Mercury & Uranus brings to usJupiter and Neptune are also forming an opposition under the Polarity Body (Jupiter in Virgo) and Spirit (Neptune in Pisces) showing us the need to care for our souls to find the balance between our inner visions and the physical world.

Have a great weekend !!! Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

It is important to remember that the energies here are exposed collectively and personally it will depend on how the planets play out in our Birth Chart (planetary positions at the time, date and place of birth). If you want to know the opportunities that come your way and deepen your personal growth or couples want to receive guidance through astrology, please visit the link or send an email  

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