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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Astrology weekend Dec 4-6, 2015! It is a great weekend to LOVE!!! December 9, 2015 excellent day for ‘electric’ surprises and willing to feel alive!!!

December 4, 2015- Australia, we have the Energy of the Moon in Virgo in the Last Waning Quarter Phase of the Lunar Cycle.

A time for review but in the sign that wants us to improve (Virgo). These two days are Excellent to let go of a bad habit. Sweep away what is not useful any more to open the door for new healthy routines = Get in tune with the Moon to connect with your emotions.

Have you got your 2016 Moon Calendar? This beautiful and unique Wall Calendar not only shows the insightful messages on how to best to use this energy, but also indicates the Moon’s journey through the Zodiac day to day with guidance on the best activities to do for each Moon Sign. Plus you can personalise it with stickers!!! It is tailored for Times in Australia!!! 

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December 5 & 6, 2015: We can enjoy the harmonious Moon in Libra to gather all Christmas ornaments and set up the Christmas tree and decorate our home with our loved ones.

Under the harmonious energy of the Moon in Libra, Venus goes ahead from Mars and enters in the intense sign of Scorpio on Saturday December 5, 2015. VENUS IN SCORPIO: passion runs high!!!! Venus in Scorpio offers mystery & intuition to love. Get the sexual magnetism that Venus in Scorpio offers to us. Be honest with your partner and make this month the best in partnership!

Gio Carrillo - Gilfeather & Shane Gilfeather 2015
Get the Christmas Bonus for couples living in Australia: Buy 2 Moon Calendars for $50. Send an email to and I will send you back a PayPal Button!!! So you can nurture each other according to your Moon and Zodiac Sign!!! Organise common dates and enjoy life together!!! Please note that in Australia we have a mix of cultures. The couple in the picture = an Aussie guy with a Venezuelan girl. She speaks Spanish and he speaks English. They bought 2 Moon Calendars 1 English & 1 Spanish and look at their message: "THANKS SO MUCH CECILIA!!!!! A Couple happy with their Calendars 2016!!"
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Don’t miss the opportunity the sky brings to us on Wednesday December 9, 2015 with the Sun in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries - Harmony in the Universe in fire signs!!! SURPRISES, Inventions and a chance to feel alive!!!! 

Have a great weekend and excellent week  Cecilia

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