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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Astrology December 2015 - Lunar cycle during holiday season: New Moon in Sagittarius - December 11 2015 First Waxing Quarter Moon in Pisces - 19 December 2015. Full Moon in Cancer - Christmas - December 25th 2015. Last Quarter Waning Moon in Libra - January 2 2015. Tune in your emotions with the Moon during the holidays! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016!!!

Lunar Cycle December 2015
Artwork by Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
The sun and moon are united under the visionary sign of Sagittarius - New Moon in Sagittarius - December 11, 2015 @ at 9:28 pm in Sydney, Australia. This is the time to create our views and plant our goals related to the positive energy of Sagittarius:
New Moon Sagittarius
Artwork by Cecilia Lugo-Anderson (c)
  • · seek our own truth
  • · feed our beliefs
  • · cross the horizon in search of knowledge
  • · have freedom to explore and learn!
With the Sun and Moon together in the enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius we are presented with the opportunity to celebrate happiness and recognise all that we learned during 2015.
Mars is in Libra and harmonises with the New Moon promoting collaboration to meet our needs. 

Mars is opposing Uranus…there is a tension energy that requires balance between the need to look for help to get what we want and the real truth that we are looking for… we need to work with generosity and cooperation in stressful moments to achieve what we want. Uranus in Aries supports the energy of the Luminaries and because it is in retrograde motion stimulates us to want to rebel more than usual ... WHEN WE FEEL THE NEED TO REBEL-> WE MUST DO SO FOR A JUST CAUSE -> TO PROVIDE HOPE = ENERGY EMANATING FROM THE SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON.

Jupiter is the planet ruling the sign of Sagittarius and therefore the ruler of the New Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter is in its journey through the sign of Virgo and is in challenge with the luminaries (Sun and Moon), indicating the importance of not exceeding limits and spoiling ourselves too much with something that makes us feel nice…

First Waxing Quarter Moon Pisces
Artwork by Cecilia Lugo-Anderson (c)

First Quarter Waxing Moon in Pisces - December 19, 2015 @ 2:14 a.m. in Sydney - Australia. Moon in Pisces challenges the Sun in Sagittarius. Walking near water stimulates our intuition to connect with our emotions and make clear decisions flowing within us. It is about both HOPE and PEACE.  we will need to decide how much weight to give to your beliefs or what to let go to achieve peace.

The Summer Solstice in the south of our planet and Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere occurs on December 22, 2015 at 3:49 pm when the sun begins its journey through the sign of Capricorn.

Full Moon in Cancer
Artwork by Cecilia Lugo-Anderson (c)
Full Moon @ 4 degrees of Cancer on December 25, 2015 - 10:12 p.m. in Sydney, Australia. Interesting that NASA recently commented that we have not had a Full Moon on Christmas Day since 1977… 

“This rare event won't happen again until 2034”: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

This Radiant Light in our sky invites us to balance the affectionate energy of moon in Cancer and the Sun in self-sufficient Capricorn. LOVE should be unconditional. We need to nurture our emotions doing something we like to do and Accept the beauty that we each have and which makes us different from others is what will bring us together as a family enjoying the people we love. 
Merry Christmas and Thank you for your support!

Moon in Virgo – New Year’s Eve 2016 for emotional energy to be realistic with what we have to do to improve and be efficient in 2016. Happy New Year 2016!!! The best way to start 2016 is organised – Moon in Virgo.

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Last Quarter Waning Moon Libra
Artwork Cecilia Lugo-Anderson (c)
Last Quarter Waning Moon @ 11 degrees of Libra - January 2, 2016 @ 4:30 pm in Sydney, Australia. Closing cycle with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Capricorn begins. Intellectual energy to analyse what intentions materialised and why and what have not. Libra is associated with cooperation and negotiation. 

Ask yourself: Is there a friend who can help us in what we want to do? How best someone can give us a hand …our partner or friend? If we share our ideas we can get support and thus re-plan our intentions and sow it in the next lunar cycle starting January 10, 2016.

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 Thanks you for your support throughout the year and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016. A big hug and blessings.

2016 Moon Calendar is tailored for times for Australia. It is for Sale!!!. It is a unique gift not only for you but also for any Moon Lover. It is a gift that provides an opportunity to tune into your emotions through the Moon. The Moon influences our emotions! 2016 Moon Calendar is more than a Moon Phases Calendar… It is a guide that lets you know the best times to feed your emotions, activities and take advantage of the Lunar Energy during 2016. Includes stickers to connect with your emotions – Personalise your calendar and be aware of your best days to do your favourite things and watch out for those days that bring lessons. Be Inspired with 13 original paintings of the moon through the zodiac painted by me. Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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