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Sunday, 23 July 2017

New Moon in Leo in company with Mars to paint our Joy, Play and boost Creativity and Romance

New Moon in Leo 🌑♌- July 23 2017 at 7:48 pm AEDT. Sun ☀️and Moon 🌙join @ 1 degree of LEO in company with Mars🔥. A New Moon coloured with stamina & passion.

“Soft words turn away wrath, as harsh words excite wrath even in a gentle spirit: forgiveness will melt the most arrogant heart, as punishment will harden even the humblest…” Robert Graves - British writer, novelist, poet and critic, essayist and translator… What man of words! Born with Sun in Leo and the Moon in company of Mars in Leo - July 24, 1895 England.

This New Moon highlights our will to live!!! Follow our heart to create, to love, to do whatever we do!!! Committed - Venus who is the love of Mars and its reason to fight for, is forming an opposition with responsible Saturn, indicating the importance of expressing our true feelings to know who we really can count with and with whom we do not.

Our mind (Mercury in Leo too ) can show us the path we need to walk in order to grow as Mercury is with the North Node of the Moon - the mathematical point where the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth cross. It is the energy associated with the learning for this time of evolution.

WE WILL HAVE 2 NEW MOONS IN LEO🌑 ♌🌑 The second one is a Solar Eclipse @ 29 degrees of Leo. 

I am proud to announce that I have created a Workbook 📗 – JOURNALING IDEAS during this upcoming period of Eclipses and 

Mercury in Retrograde!! Just 15 dollars sent by email. OR Printed $22 and sent by post (Australia only). To purchase your copy  click this link

There are 70 pages to work with your ideas and thoughts from the end of July to end of September: 

• Pre Retrograde period with all the tips to prepare! 
• The Lunar Eclipse analysis and energies plus a Colour in mandala to tune in with the energies. 
• Mercury in Retrograde day by day to record your thoughts with quotes and insights. 

• Solar Eclipse analysis and tips to take advantage of this Super New Moon
• Post Retrograde day by day to integrate the energy 
• Astrology information about Mercury in Retrograde & Eclipses (Lunar and Solar!) 
• Your birth chart snapshot with areas highlighted for you to focus the energy where the eclipses are falling in your chart and Mercury Retrograde travelling slowly for you to review, revise and rethink.

Jupiter, the natural ruler of Sagittarius is direct in Libra to expand our relationships‼️get my special 
E-book about Relationships & Jupiter in Libra  or booklet if you prefer printed and sent to your address within Australia only. 

To purchase your copy please click this link
👀Look at the beautiful feedback I got last night from a customer who bought my E-Book recently "Relationships and the breeze from Jupiter in Libra":

Hi Cecilia,
Loved your Ebook and as usual your words marry up with the way I feel, hearing it from you validates what I need to do.
You explain things in terms where everyone can understand and your la la land interpretation waS great. AJ‼️ 

Have a lovely week©Cecilia Lugo-Anderson
Live by the Sun ☀ and Love by the Moon 🌙
Moon & Zodiac inspirations Group - Astrologyto tune in with the planetary energies. 

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