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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Venus & Chiron together are sending healing kisses to Mars!!! Happy Easter - April 16, 2017

HEALING POWER IN OUR SKY FOR “THE SELF”!!! Venus is making contact with healer Chiron and both smile to Mars in Taurus offering the Sun Patience and Compassion to bring something from the unconscious to the conscious…TO NAIL IT!!!

Interestingly both homes of Venus -Taurus and Libra- are occupied by 2 planets close to earth: Mercury is in Taurus inviting us to evaluate ideas & Jupiter is Retrograde in Libra inviting us to re-evaluate our beliefs.
  • Listening to our heart and desires… getting in contact with all our 5 senses is the message from the rational mind with Mercury close to Earth (Retrograde) in the gardener sign of Taurus!
  • Our Faith and belief in ourselves needs to be reaffirmed to project our own values!!! With Jupiter in Libra the sign of aesthetics and balance…EQUALITY!
Don’t let your emotions overwhelm you today (Saturn and the Moon have a meeting) and instead use the positive qualities of the wisdom to inject faith in ourselves listening to our heart!
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Have a beautiful day of EasterSunday!!! © Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

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