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Thursday, 8 December 2016

astrology weekend December 9 - 11 2016 - we have a great weekend to do outdoors activities!!! Sports are highlighted. However, respect for independence is essential to have a wonderful weekend!

Venus began its transit through the original sign of Aquarius where it will remain until January 2nd , 2017. The Universe gives us about a month to enjoy beauty, Love and attract what we want in an unexpected, original and surprising  way…

Venus exploring this territory suggests that we give space to people around us, which will allow us to have time to think and then share the experience. 

What a great time to enjoy the summer by laughing with friends at a picnic, days at the beach and releasing worries and enjoying the beauty of life.

But not only that... Venus in Aquarius gives us the opportunity to brake up with habits in our relationships. We have a good opportunity to put salt and pepper in our relationships and socialise enjoying the experimentation and the exchange of ideas while Venus is in Aquarius!!!

With Venus in Aquarius and Moon in Aries Dec 9 & 10 we have a great weekend to do outdoors activities!!! Sports are highlighted. However, respect for independence is essential to have a wonderful weekend!

The Moon changes to Taurus on Saturday Dec 10th, 2016 at 11:40 pm to give us a peaceful Sunday to enjoy the pleasures of live... Energy that combined with Mercury in earthy Capricorn allows us to put order in our lives integrating emotions and mind!!! 

We also have this weekend 
  • Discipline ourselves to achieve something important to us
  • Expand our knowledge with realistic wisdom!

Harmonious angles are formed between: Sun with Jupiter and Sun with Uranus (this is only for the rest of the week) and Uranus with Mars, and Mars with Jupiter (Mars moves to Pisces on Dec 20). 

If we can, deal with things with
 freedom and a unique way to see things…

Why? There are good harmonious aspects between planets in air & fire signs within a tension that forces us 
to do something…

But also the harmony between 
Jupiter with Saturn & Saturn with Uranus 
within the tension (opposition) formed 
between the planet of good luck (Jupiter) in Libra, 
the sign of relationships
 and the awakener (Uranus) in the sign of Aries, 
ndividualistic energy 
will be for a while next year 2017.

So Balance the independence in relationships to move forward and auto discipline ourselves without forcing others to believe on our goals or philosophies!

Think of the trapeze artist on the high wire. Be realistic and tolerant and don’t over extend yourself. This is a theme that will continue until January…make it habit as it will be with us for a while.

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