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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Astrology Week November22 - 28, 2016 We are heading to an intense weekend… Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury meets Saturn, challenge between Jupiter and Pluto + Venus with Pluto are rising our passions

Sun in Sagittarius invites us to travel, to learn and to celebrate the experiences from Life!!!!!! Happy Birthday to all Sagittarians. Nov 22 - Dec 21, 2016

Mercury - Saturn in Sagittarius meet on Wednesday November 24, 2016 - The young mind represented by Mercury that wants to know all in a fast way (Sagittarius) joins the wisdom represented by Saturn (solid knowledge that comes from experience) inviting us to read, inquire, persevere to bring to life the deep power of our mind!!!  Opportunity to learn by ourselves through experience!

We woke up with the Moon in Libra... Waning Phase on thursday November 24, 2016 inviting us to relate… 

The mood of the day could play a see-saw between overconfidence and self-doubt with the challenge between Jupiter and the Moon in the sign of relationships and
 Pluto with Venus in  earthy Capricorn. 

Why? Both teams are in cardinal signs = both want to create change but they have different elements and are not compatible. So we must be careful not to take relationships for granted or be too possessive or over indulge or be jealous. 
However if we manage obsession we have the potential to be in contact with our deepest feelings to improve something in our life with sincere one to one rapport with a practical approach. 
The art of diplomacy is the key here to
 be successful and have a win – win outcome. 
Strong feelings will be increasing from
 today and over the weekend!

Venus, the goddess of love and Pluto, the ruler of what is “below the surface” meet at the same degrees in the sign of Capricorn on Friday November 25. This is a strong combination of power and control in relationships, which will be more intense for some of us depending on the planets in our birth chart *.We need to ground ourselves and be rational before we create a tornado…

Efficient truthful communication is our tool to solve any burst of passion. With Mercury and Saturn together in Sagittarius we can manage power struggles. 

How? With the ability to break up structures to get to a higher level of understanding, overall because both are harmonising with Uranus, the awakener that invites us to think outside of the box to find solutions.
In my personal experience with an Ascendant and Moon in Capricorn my way to deal with difficulties is remanding myself and work on the purpose of what I want to achieve: focus myself on the goal and not allow distractions with what it has to be done to achieve the objective.
Follow Albert Einstein’s thoughts “You can’t solve a problem on the same level it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level” Einstein was born with Mercury and Saturn together in Sagittarius!

Venus & the Moon are the leading characters of MoonCalendar2017 

The Moon plays with our emotions and Venus with our feelings… In 2017 Venus will dance with Mars warming our relationships. The MoonCalendar for 2017 is a great Christmas Gift to start making the most of the year ahead.

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With the Balsamic Moon in Scorpio during the weekend November 26 - 28, 2016 it is time to let go of what is not under our control… You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move(ment)  Eric Thomas, Chapter 6: When I Move You Move, The Secrets to Success - a former professional American football player

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