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Sunday, 30 October 2016

New Moon Scorpio - October 31, 2016

Happy New Moon Everyone!!!  Time to plant your intentions!!!

***New Moon Vision Board By Cecilia Lugo-Anderson © 2013 – 2017***
     Visualising your intentions using the Laws of Attraction and Write your intentions and goals related with Scorpio’s energy and place images that represent your visions

·        Title: Empowerment or Evolution of [YOUR full Name]
·        Key Words for Scorpio energy  are: transformation, re-birth, healing through overcoming fears and shadows, intuition, passion, reformation, being resourceful, researching, intimacy, strong bonds, reconnection, deep commitment...
·        Associate your intentions with the area of your Birth Chart where the New Moon at 8 degrees of Scorpio falls on October 31, 2016. The Sun and Moon will meet at 4:38 am NSW, VIC, & TASSIE.  QLD (-1 hr) at 3:38 am.  SA & NT (-1/2 an hour) at 4:08 am hour.  And WA (- 3 hours) at 1:38am. Best time to make your vision time is within 8 hours following the New Moon according to the times above depending on where you are ******
·        This is the second New Moon in October 2016…what a great time for a second chance!!!
Please DON’T FORGET to meditate before starting to write your intentions… Clear and clean your space + use colour markers and beautiful pictures on a lilac coloured Cardboard. Plus write your intentions using positive words in the first person present time (eg. I want to reconnect …by…).

EXAMPLE: Two members of Over the Moon Moments - Stelliumlight (o join us  click this link
were asking me how to make their Moon Vision Board in relation with their birth chart. So please see the example below:
8 Degrees of Scorpio falls in the area of their home and family but also relates to their roots (both were born in Argentina! Unbelievable…must be a message for me…).
·        They need to DIG deep inside of themself to reconnect with 
core of who they are. 
Identify their unique 
and re-birth traditions 
that use to make them 
happy nurturing 
her emotions.

II RECOMMEND THEY SET INTENTIONS FOR Home, Roots, family...(this is for their birth chart...the collective energies are above) :  
• Healing or improving their home 
• Reconnecting with their roots
• Create strong bonds with their family
• Research dishes that their grandmother and mother used to make for the family and revive them during this month, cooking this special dishes to nurture their own family & themselves

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT this NEW MOON is with Mercury and supported by Neptune in Pisces offering to all of us (COLLECTIVELY) an opportunity to heal our thoughts; to quit a habit, overcome fears to be in charge or our own life; to merge with our passions, unleash our imagination and create strong bonds in our lives. 

Blessing on New Moon!!!

Note:  If you would like to learn more about how to do your New Moon Board every month send me an email and I will send you the workshop information I will hold in November and December with the 2017 Moon Calendar Personalisation!  The Calendar is more than just a Moon calendar…it tells you how to do this activity the right way every month.  The calendar is a TOOL to achieve and nurture in 2017.  Keep it in mind and contact me to come along.
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